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1943 D Hole Busato Peter

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Superb 1943 D Hole Busato

I have obtained permission from Peter, a player and serious collector who lives in Japan to post pictures of his marvelous 1943 D Hole Busato. I already posted earlier sound clips of a superb Busato Grand Model owned by Peter, and played by Stochelo. There was also a picture of Nousche Rosenberg with the guitar. I thank Peter for sharing the pictures of this marvelous instruments with gypsy guitar fans around the world. Gypsy guitars and gypsy music is one of our passions and passion are made to be shared outside the commercial world.

Just as a matter of interest, Horowitz just sent an email three weeks ago to a US collector who has a similar Busato, claiming it was not a Busato. Well, Michael, why don't you brush up your thin and outdated  knowledge and understand that Busato made guitars from 1925 till 1960. All what Horowitz and Djangobooks know are only the Grand Models made from 1943 till 1958. Well, he just misses 20 of the best years of Barnabe Busato who would be happy that his exceptional work is recognized beyond the restricted opinion of this passé broker. Besides there are pictures of two more similar Busatos with their labels on my site, one being in France and one which belonged to famous French Gypsy player Pitou Weiss although these two guitars are very far from being as beautiful as Peter's. All of them of the same model, though, have a maple body and sides. There is a well-know guitar of the same model also on Benoit de Bretagne website, and the Busato pictured there belongs to the famous Gypsy player M. Weiss.

Peter's 1943 D Hole Busato was made in Cité Griset during WWII, and my guess is it was made by the master Barnabe Busato himself, as he liked to use exceptional pieces of wood, like the beautifully figured sides and back. Also Busato liked to make very bombeed backs for bass projection and this guitar has it all, the bombé and the huge bass projection. This Busato has its original Cité Griset label and Delaruelle tuners (yelow buttons) which are not original, but Peter found a set of beautiful war time SB Bilardi tuners used on Busatos and later on Jacques Favino instruments and the tuners will be replaced soon. Also the three-piece neck on Peter's guitar is a sign of an upgraded Busato.

The guitar is now at Martin Tremblay's shop in Montréal. No wonder, Martin is the world expert on high-end and Busato vintage guitars restorations and I would not let anyone else taking care of my treasures. So Martin will do some renovations and adjustments on the old lady, and will refret of course with his frets ends rounding which makes playing a pleasing experience and prevents variations between winter/summer months.

We will post more pictures and sound clips of Peter's 1943 D Hole Busato once it has been renovated by Martin.

I am showing pictures of Peter's Busato close to my own 1950 F Hole Busato Grand Model, with nice guitar back comparisons. Hard to tell which back is the nicest. Well, they are both exceptional and I think you will agree.

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