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1950 Symphonia-Busato Made

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I have a couple of exceptional guitars for sale:
A 1950 grand Model Symphonia made at Busato, which sounds exactly like a Busato. (available now)

This is a superb 1950 Grand Model Symphonia, made at Busato. Powerful, with a sound quality equal to the best Busatos, for 25% of their price. Its on Ebay

Here are a couple of short sound clips. Do not listen to my playing... But to the sound quality of the guitar. I play high action but this guitar is setup now with a low action and my right hand is heavy.

Here is the Symphonia with an original Stimer ST 51 pickup. While a bad guitar sounds aweful with a Stimer, a great guitar retains most of its acoustic sound with a lot of drive from the amplification.

A couple of pictures with a Stimer ST 51 pickup (the pickup is not for sale).

Here is this guitar played by Denis Chang.
The original Stimet ST 51 is not for sale.

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