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1958 Busato Special Joseph

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I have a couple of exceptional guitars for sale:
A superb sounding 1958 Busato Grand Model (available now)

1958 Busato Grand Model Gypsy Jazz Guitar with Label and Signature

No need to introduce Busato guitars, the dream of players and collectors, together with Selmer guitars. This 1958 Grand Model has a green label with the original and rare signature of Barnabe Busato on it. In the 50’s, Busato continued to make moyen and grand models, and made also many special instruments. Thirty people worked for Busato, in three workshops.
This one here is his version of Selmer. It sounds like a Grand Model, with a 50% Selmer sound signature and a 50% Busato sound signature, and looks very much like a Selmer. The way it is built is similar to Selmer: It has 3 bars in the back and 5 braces on the top like Selmers, the braces are pointy like all high-end Busatos, the back is almost flat like a Selmer, and the neck is one piece like a Selmer. Also there are aluminum bars in the neck like Selmers. Furthermore, Busato picked Indian rosewood for the back and the sides, with a grain and color finish similar to Selmers, and the scale is 670mm, like all oval hole Selmers. This guitar reminds me very much of my Selmer, which I sold at Djangobooks earlier this year for 25,000$. Because of the Busato touch, it sounds better than the dozen Selmers I played, and sounds as one of the top 3 Busato Grand Model I own (I have a dozen). Huge projection, dry bark, superbly balanced sound, the highs are just singing and they cut through so much that you will overpower three other guitar players who would play with you together. This guitar belonged for years to a M. Winterstein, a cousin of Hono Winterstein. As any gypsy guitar used for decades by gypsies it does not look new like a modern guitar taken out of its box for the first time. It just plays million times better and sounds spectacular, in spite of a couple of minor flaws.
The guitar is in great shape, although there has been over the years many repairs on the top, but every crack is well stabilized and does not harm the sound. You can hear a loud tap tone, sign that repaired cracks are correctly stabilized. The guitar was setup recently by my luthier Martin Tremblay. You will find his email on the net and I advise you to ask him his opinion on this superb instrument. Check also my site gypsyguitarfans dot com.
This guitar was for sale at Djangobooks for a couple of weeks late 2012 and Michael Horowitz and Bob Holo confirmed its Busato provenance. They are surely not happy I am selling it on Ebay but it just means that the lucky buyer will save 20% commission he would have paid because of the broker. I also had the guitar re fretted as it was presented at Djangobooks with old frets. The new ones are Dunlop 6105 and they are installed the way Selmer did, which is super nice for your playing comfort. There is also a nice 12 inches radius on the ebony fret board and the tailpiece has the famous Maccaferri wood piece beneath it to add sound to the top through the end block.
Bid with confidence. I have never ever refused a return so your risk is nil, and my reference is stellar. And still, you will be buying a dream guitar for half the price you would pay to a broker.
Get a Grand Model Busato with a strong Selmer content, the homage of M. Busato in person paid to the Selmer legacy, done during his very last years of activity. At the end of the sixties Busato retired and went to leave in Champigny until his death. You are buying a guitar, which he made at the top of his art mastery. And, trust me, it shows loud and clear… If one of your friends owns a typical Grand Model, you will kick his ass with this one.

Sold to Joseph in February 2013 this superb 1958 Busato, signed by the master. Superb tone and playability.

Here are a couple of video sound clips. You certainly won't be impressed by my playing but you probably will love the sound of this exceptional guitar.

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