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I share the passion for beautiful gypsy guitars with you. Like you I am browsing the Internet and find occasionally some interesting information, but it takes time. I felt there was the need for a place where it could be easier to find complete, precise and genuine information on the guitars we love. I am fortunate to play some superb vintage guitars and, in my quest for the Holy Grail, I came across some great instruments. We are not primarily dealers, although we will be glad to post your guitar virtually free of charge, provided it has a vintage interest. Even if there are already similar models, the pictures of your guitar will add something to the information that gypsy guitar fans appreciate. Our objective is to make this website as perfect as possible, with very many pictures, descriptions and videos. This is not really a commercial Website, but an information data bank. We hope you will contribute to this site with some additional information you might have, whether it is pictures or videos. And if you own one or many of this great vintage guitars, we will be happy to post it in the fans gallery section.

www.gypsyguitarfans.com has been on line since November 2012. There was 8750 visits in less than two months in 2012, although no advertising was done. This site has been extremely well received by gypsy guitar fans around the world and I get everyday very encouraging emails with kind words. At the opposite, my website has pissed-off litterally all brokers who have been closely or remotely dealing vintage gypsy guitars, and most particularly Busatos. They have obviously very good reasons NOT to share infos on these superb guitars as players and collectors are thus kept unaware of what is to be known to buy the right instrument at the right price. While the info given in blogs and independent websites piss-off the mainstream media which find interest in concealing, twisting and lying about certain things, www.gypsyguitarfans.com has no commercial interest and I only sell my own guitars coming from my own collection, and I offer them at a fraction of the cost of those sold by brokers. My objective is to help gypsy guitars fans by giving them information they need.

I encourage you to share, copy, spread all infos contained in my site. They are only public domain.

Also I do not sell my advice, its free so if you think I can help you establishing the provenance of your guitar, feel free to contact me.

Jean Paul Karcz

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