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The Anastasios are a family of luthiers. Francois, the father, was producing superb sounding instruments, and opened his shop in 1954. His son Pierre took over in 1972 but he has the reputation, and I could see it by myself, of making three great guitars out of five, and the other two would be average or bad. The bad ones have only mid, and lousy bass and weak highs. I am very careful buying a Pierre Anastasio if I do not try it myself. I have sold three Pierre Anastasio guitars in 2012. Two were fabulous sounding, one was just average, although it was the most beautiful one with a back and sides in superb brazilian rosewood.

Ansatasio (father and son) used sometimes double slanted fretboard dot and almost always puts a yellow stripe in the back of their guitars.

The next two pics show a guitar made by Francois Anastasio the father. It belongs to a friend in France who is one of the top three experts of gypsy guitars in the world (he traded more than a thousand, among which Busatos). He claims this Anastasio sounds spectacular.

This is an incredibly loud and nice sounding 1977 Pierre Anastasio guitar which belonged to Am Ketenes. If the new owner wants to sell it, buy it, it is a killer sounding guitar. Notice the yellow stripe on the back.

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