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Apologies For This Fight with Horowitz

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My Sincere Apology for This Open Argument

A lot of visitors of Gypsyguitarfans have noticed that, after six quiet months that we all enjoyed peacefully, there is a surge of aggressiveness and a climate of vendetta.

And of course it makes everybody uncomfortable. A website should not be a place to fight. I feel bad that a place I created so visitors have a great time might lose some of its quiet soul.

The purpose of Gypsyguitarfans is to show pictures of nice guitars, videos and sound clips. Also some technical write-ups help visitors complement their knowledge about gypsy music and guitars. Very occasionally do I sell guitars, mostly from my own collection of vintage instruments.

I am in no way a competitor to any of the three North American dealers, DjangoBooks, Mazzoleni or Caravan Guitar. These guys rely on their business to feed their families and they are young. My role and my objective are different. I just love to humbly share what I know and the material I have.

Unless you lose your mind, you don’t start flame wars suddenly out of the blue, after having kept quiet for months. Some good, or bad, reason pushes you to do so.

I am not writing this to prove I am right and the other guy is so bad. Actually it took me a couple of weeks to react this way. Michael is a successful businessman and likes to win. It’s understandable. He worked hard and has now a quasi monopoly in the gypsy guitars market or let’s say he is on top of the list.There is nothing wrong with being the first one, provided you let some competition survive also. Michael has arranged to eliminate his competition and if I listen to them and to many people who know the story, he more than often attacked their reputation as way of promoting himself and his business.

When he saw that my website started gaining steam I heard from various sources, including some of my visitors, that Michael suggested by emails and SMS to search my name on the Internet. I am not a lawyer and I could not call this defamation. Although it pretty looks like it and would not be too difficult to prove in court. He also spontaneously provided private emails to attack my reputation.

I kept silent for about six weeks and then I decided to use the same media, the Internet, in an attempt to try to convince him to stop his denigrating campaign. Sure enough, with a list of 12,000 DjangoBooks members and with 2,000 visits on his site everyday, Michael is sure to win. My site has an average of 100 visits a day. A remake of David and Goliath.

This time, Michael has found on his path an older guy, someone who is stubborn and opinionated and who does not want to have his site disappear and his reputation sunk during the same process. I know I am inflicting to many visitors a painful experience, but I would like to convince them that aggressiveness is not my nature and I would love this nonsense to end.

Fight or die. Let Michael win once more and extend his monopoly, or try to resist with limited means. I picked the second option. And I will do everything to keep my visitors away from this nasty fight.

As in all fights there are casualties. The poor Bob Holo wanted to add his input on a blog and did attack me, stating something like I lost the fight already and I feel the pain. I am sorry I retaliated as I believe this guy is just naive and means no harm.But he must understand that you can get hurt if you poke your nose in someone else's business. I've heard from the grapevine he wants to consult his lawyer, he better consults his neurones and his comon sense.
He makes decent guitars and that's what he should continue doing.He should also continue his search of Busato secrets as he is far from having succeeded in discovering the tricks of the grand master.

As we say in french: Il y a loin de la coupe aux lèvres...

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