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When Horacio Bucolo meets Martin Tremblay again.

Bucolo gained a great reputation amongst the Sicilian-French luthiers. He signed very few guitars with labels and worked mostly for resellers in France and Italy. The sound quality of his guitars is exquisite. Loud, with a big projection, very balanced throughout with punchy highs and round medium and big bass.

Martin Tremblay renovated a Bucolo with its original label about a year ago. He had to do a neck reset and saw that Bucolo mounted the necks with a small dovetail joint on the body. This Bucolo sounds superb, in spite of its top being laminated.

Martin recently renovated a Sicilian-French luthier made guitar, which has a solid top (not laminated). Big sound and projection, a typical gypsy boomer of the best kind. You can hear it played by Denis Chang and Tcha Limberger. When he renovated this guitar he removed the neck and it had the same small dovetail joint.
This guitar now belongs to Tim in the US. No doubt players who will hear it will be impressed as it is truly a superb playing and sounding instrument.

Martin in undeniably one of the best world experts for gypsy guitars. He has renovated dozens of high-end instruments with prestigious provenance: Busato, Bucolo, Castelluccia, Antoine Di Mauro, Joseph the Elder, Paris Musical, Paul Beuscher, Symphonia, Sonora. And he is making now his version of a Busato Grand Model.

You can contact him for repairs on all quality guitars, modern or vintage, and also to have him make for you his own model.
Martin Tremblay

I can share with you a little secret.
When I bought this guitar it was playing and sounding great.
After Martin took care of it, it just plays like a new instrument and its sound is just out of the world.

I am posting 5 videos of this great guitar, played by Denis Chang and Tcha Limberger.

Denis and Tcha played this week at Upstairs. I was there with many gypsy music lovers and we were all impressed by the extreme quality of the concert. Denis is really the best gypsy music guitar player in Canada and he is also a great bebop player.
I often play with Denis and I am learning to play gypsy tunes with him, and we play also bebop tunes I have been playing for 50 years. While the vast majority of gypsy guitar players play gypsy swing they are unable to play bebop lines. Django was a jazz guitar player, even if he invented gypsy swing. Only the very best gypsy music players can play jazz be bop. Tcha is one of them, so is Denis, but also Bireli, Rocky Gresset, Dorado Schmitt and Fapy Lafertin, to name a few, although other names do not come to my mind right now.Many great names and most semi pros or amateurs just play gypsy swing. It's great and they are good at it but there is another dimension when playing lines like Django or Wes Montgomery.
If you wonder what I mean by gypsy swing and bebop jazz, I am referring to making lines and not using patterns and broken arpeggios. Also the time is different. A lot of gypsy swing players play 1-3 and not 2-4. It doesn't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing... and 1-3 is not swinging at all like 2-4. The music is still nice, but players who are good at both are, to me, the heirs of Django. Babik called the others 'the parrots'. I still like their music but there is a huge dimension missing, free improvisation. Listen to Denis playing bebop or Tcha improvising and you will get the huge difference.I hope I am not hurting the feeling of gypsy swing players, I love what they do, in the narrow band they are covering.

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