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A very nice Sonora made by Busato
        A - Sonora

From the Czech Republic, a few old Busatos. The bean shape sound hole 12 frets with a pitch pine top sounds amazing. It was found in a tramp hut, and the back has to be cleaned. Notice the typical Busato headstock decoration.
The 14 frets oval hole is being renovated and has a label inside, bearing the name of Busato and the rue d'orgemont address. It was thus made between 1934 and 1943. It has rope binding on the top and look very similar to the one I sold to Francko Mehrstein, the accompanist of Dorado Schmitt. The one Francko has sounds spectacular. I do not know yet how Jaco's (the proud and lucky owner)14 frets depicted here sounds. I will know when it is repaired.
These Busato guitars with provenance would never, in the past, have been recognized as Busatos by brokers who believed that Busato made only Grand Models. I remember a long and painful phone discussion with Maurice Dupont mid 2012 who bought the Busato name (no comment) and who was claiming to me that Busato made only grand models. I asked him if he knew the Busato catalogue with the cite griset address, and he said no. I sent him a copy, so Maurice Dupont has now at least some notions of Busato. I will not comment either on his Busato copies, as I need my money for a better use than a lawsuit.

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