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Busato Related Guitars


You cannot claim that a guitar is a Busato unless it looks like one, is structurally consistent with the Busato way of building guitars and has been recognized as one by an experienced expert. Once these three conditions are fulfilled, it deserves the name Busato. Also a Busato in good condition always sounds great and has the typical Busato sound signature. The presence of a label or a losange plate on the headstock is fine but it does not make a Busato, no more than BB tuners or a BB tailpiece.

For many, including many people who think they know what they are talking about, Busatos are almost exclusively Grand Models, the #44 guitar listed in the catalog. The lack of knowledge, or the fear of making a mistake declaring that a guitar is a genuine Busato, leads many to express doubts.

Given that Busato made guitars from 1930 until 1958 at least, in three locations and with 26 to 30 employees, it is obvious that he did not only make the couple of dozens Grand Models that have survived in the hands of players and collectors. He made much more guitars, and he was experimenting with many models. Grand Models are at the top of the range, but he made also Moyen Models and special models. He also made guitars for dealer shops like Symphonia, Beuscher, Paris Musical and Sonora. Not one of these guitars looks like a typical Busato Grand Model or Moyen Model. Most of these 4 marketed brands were 12 frets or 13 frets, with D Holes, round sound holes or oval holes.

In Europe, where most Busatos are still circulating, many players have guitars, which bear all characteristics of Busatos Moyen Models as they are structurally similar and sound the same. You will find these guitars once in a while, and their price is about a third or a fourth of Busato. They are Busato Related Guitars. All 14 frets with oval holes look alike, most are made with mahogany or maple back and sides. They look a lot like Busatos, although their neck profile is more squarish. These guitars are superb and they are a great value. We are showing a few of these guitars on this website.

First Sonora to be presented here is a great one, similar to Hono Winterstein round soudhole. This superb guitar now belongs to Justine, in Australia.

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