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Busato Sound Signature

Technical Info

We all know that France produces cheese, perfumes and wine. France, thanks to emigrated Italian luthiers, also produced gypsy jazz guitars, the most famous of which were produced between 1925 and 1958.
There is a good analogy between champagne and Busatos. There is a Brut Natural also called Zero Brut champagne, with less than 3 grammes of sugar per liter, while brut champagne contains 12 grammes. Busato guitars are Brut Zero guitars, with the fewest unwanted overtones possible. Some guitars are fruity, and many modern guitars are very much fruity. How Busato could achieve such a high quality of dry fundamental sound remains a mystery, in spite of claims from some modern luthiers who try to copy Busato.

When you have played for a while a Busato, you have this dry sound reference in yours ears and litterally cannot stand most of the other guitars. The smallest amount of overtones or harmonics bother you. Some vintage guitars other than Busatos are close to Busatos in that respect, but they are rare.

Sound signature of Busato and Busato Related Guitars:

Busato guitars structural features are only a mean to an end, the spectacular quality of the sound quality they produce. The following remarks on the sound signature, shared by many experts, apply to proven provenance Busatos and also to some family of Busato Related Guitars:

1. Busatos are often the loudest gypsy guitars ever made, and they are also louder than modern instruments.
2. As shown in the comparative test reported on this site, their sound is very dry, with very few harmonics or overtones. They have the right blend of fundamentals and sub harmonics so the main pitch of the note is loud and precise, and they cut through.

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