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Busato F-Hole Guitars:

Another misconception from many Busato connaisseurs, including most brokers and experts, is that Busato did not make F-Hole guitars. I have seen half a dozen of these, and I owned three myself. Superb sounding instruments, with a true gypsy sound also. Ask Denis Chang accompanist, who played one of my three F-Hole Busatos and who claims it is the best gypsy guitar he played. The sound does not come from the hole, but from the rest of the construction, namely the number of braces and the fact they are ladder bracing, not like on an archtop. So a Busato F-Hole is NOT an archtop, and does not sound like one. It is a true gypsy guitar and once you play it for 10 minutes you understand it.

The next five pics show a moyen model from Busato. Superb tone and playability, great neck, huge bombe on the top and on the back. Great gypsy sound. This beauty belongs to Xavier, a great friend who lives in Montreal and plays with me occasionnally. The first guitar Xavier bought from me is a smaller body Busato with an incredible voice and volume. The small Busato was made at Busato by Pierre Anastasio the Father who worked there for a while.

As much as I spoke about the little non cutaway gypsy guitr I sold to Xavier, here are the pics. Typical yellow line at the back, a sure signature of Pierre Anastasio the father, that his son Pierre also used.Do not ask me to explain why, but this little guitar sounds as loud as the full size body gypsy guitars.Xavier has a lot of well known pro players who visit him and play this guitar. They all love it and cannot believe what this little beauty can deliver. Size really does not matter.
I have the big sister of this Busato made guitar, also made by Pierre Anastasio the father. It will be on this site within a month as it is now refretted. You will notice the strong family ressemblance. The pitch pine top, the yellow line in the back, and the very beautiful and rare neck spline.
Both tops are made of pitch pine, an irregular grain spruce which grows in the East part of North America (USA and Canada). Pitch pine is expensive and its acoustic properties are just stunning. I guess a modern luthier would not dare using pitch pine. Too bad for players! My best Busato Grand Model has a pitch pine top.

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