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Technical Info

Nothing escapes the incredible ear of Denis Chang. The slightest rattle, the smallest tinge of reverberation coming out of a tailpiece, or a screw not fully tightened are immediately noticed by Denis when he tries a guitar. Denis has a superb AJL guitar, and these are amongst the best modern luthiers guitars. I just got my 1963 Favino from France a year ago and after the shipping the tailpiece was not fully tightened by one of the 3 screws. Denis seized one of my socks (I dont know what my socks were doing in the room where we played) and immediately found the origin of the reverberation. Obviously my luthier Martin Tremblay fixed the problem since. So, keep one of your clean socks when you try your guitar. If you hear reverberation the sock will get rid of it. Then see your local luthier for a real fix.
Since this lesson from the great master, I learnt how to notice reverberation coming from tailpieces and, guess what, most of the guitars I hear have this problem. Maccaferri had a great way of solving it, by putting a piece of ebony below the tailpiece, where it touches the top. Most early 12 frets Maccaferri had it, and also many Selmers. My beautiful sery 500 (like Django) 1940 Selmer has it. And all my Busatos have it.
Many gypsy guitar fans have tried it, including some luthiers, and it improved the tone of the guitar by eliminating the unwanted reverberation and a lot of nasty overtones. You want the fundamentals and sub harmonics, and not parasite noise from metallic parts on the guitar.
Look at the solution, on my superb 1958 Grand Model Busato. The piece of wood couples the tailpiece to the edge of the top and this improves the tone and limits metallic noise to zero.

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