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Horowitz Blog on Djangobooks, a joke.

"If you want something done right, do it yourself"

There are things for which Michael Horowitz is a true master. I give him that. He knows how to generate traffic on his site. Selling anything related to gypsy music, he captured the market and crushed his competition. If gypsies would make G-strings, condoms or toothpaste, Horowitz would add them to his long list of the things he sells, just to make profits of course, and to generate a couple more visits every day. At the speed at which he goes, the traffic of his website will get close to Ebay or Facebook.

He also understood the power of a blog and knows how to handle it as a moderator. His recipe works out well. He simply removes anything which is not good for him or which is good for his competition like Caravan Guitars or others. All blog moderators have more or less this bias, but with Horowitz it is taken to new highs, a true art.

He also has his favorite valet, Bob Holo, write things that will make Horowitz look good. Assiduous and obsequious, Bob Holo serves well his master. He better do it as the other guy markets his guitars on an exclusive basis. That’s what he writes on his site: "Michael Horowitz is not only a dear friend, but he is among the most knowledgeable dealers in the style of guitars that I make. I sell through Michael because I trust him, because he is exceptionally good at what he does."

If this is not a love declaration! And when Bob Holo has a video interview about the guitars he makes, he flatters the little guy in such a way that it is bothering for viewers. Well Bob, let’s hope you understand one day that it is dangerous to be so vulnerable.

We better accept the reality and face the facts: Horowitz enjoys a monopolistic position and reigning on the market is good for him financially but flatters his ego too much. Not healthy. This generates many side effects, like the need he has to mock his competition and give him the impression he can dominate.

You might have had this bad experience of having your post refused. My advice, write something nice about Michael, like he looks good, he is a great player, and that DjangoBooks is indispensable for the gypsy world. Your post will be there, guaranteed.

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