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Jacques Favino was trained in 1946 at Busato. He opened his own shop and became one of the most prominent luthier after WWII. His guitars are exquisite, they sound spectacular and are one of the best investments if you are thinking of acquiring a vintage gypsy guitar.

Here are some pictures of exceptionnally rare vintage Stimer equipment - an original M10 amp like Django's, an example of the Stimer Model Django pick-up (rare) and three S51 pick-ups, one of which is from the very first year of production. The Model Django is on an old Dupont (on the right) that was made for Moreno Winterstein in 1993. Ted Gottsegen, an excellent guitar player and one of the main vintage collectors, had the guitar for several years, sold it, and reacquired it after a summer tour with Robin Nolan.
Although the first Selmer guitars were produced since 1932, the first sold only in the UK, but in August 1935 they were also sold in France. In 1936, the 14 frets oval hole petite bouche was available, and Django started to play one.
In 1946, Yves Guen, a french radio engineer (look at his name engraved on the Django model), created the first Stimer pickups (models 46, guess why its called like this), and in 1948 the ST 48 (the one used by Django who endorsed Stimer) and later the ST 51 were produced. The ST 51 uses the "monkey on a stick" rod system. An original STIMER pickup sounds incomparably better than recent reissues, and it is thicker (3/8). Also modern reissues are weak in the highs, while the originals are superb sounding over the whole range.

This mint time capsule is a 1973 Jacques Favino. Words are not needed to describe this fabulous piece.

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