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Horowitz, a crook for the gullible clients

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In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

As always there is a merchant who uses the lack of knowledge of potential clients to make big money. The story of Busato guitars is a good example and the merchant is Michael Horowitz. Knowing little about the whole range of Guitars Busato made from 1930 to 1969, Horowitz concentrated on one model, the Busato Grand Model made from 1946 till the early 1960, multiplied prices by two or three and pretended that all other production of Busato is not Busato.
Having made a name in this market, he makes huge profits and collectors and buyers who believe him overpay, not even taking into account that he almost never repairs a guitar to an as-new condition of sound and playability.
History will remember Horowitz as a crook who used gullible collectors to sell thing 200 or 300% overpriced. While genuine Busato Grand models sell in Europe for 7,000$, the sell in the US and by Horowitz for close to 17,000$. Still, Horowitz is respected, go figure!

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