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Horowitz and Bob Holo want to rule the guitar market

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Michael Horowitz and Bob Holo hate competition.

"Live by the sword, die by the sword"

There are people who are so full of themselves that they believe they can rule everything, as they gained some influence in their professional domain and they know a lot of people.

Over the years, they crushed their competition, mostly mocking them, and they succeeded, this way, in reaching the number one position in their field. Michael Horowitz virtually eliminated like this Jacques Mazzoleni and Josh from Chicago, and probably dozens of poor guys I don’t know of.

After a long and rosy business love story which lasted a couple of months with me, he really hated it when he saw that my website was gaining some success. He felt really threatened. Somebody (me) was showing an impudent presumption to challenge the master in person. I rocked his boat, showing that he might not be as knowledgeable as he wanted to come across to players and collectors.

Suddenly, I started receiving emails from friends giving me copies of nasty things Horowitz was writing about me, defaming me. And his lackey Bob Holo followed, writing similar things in the DjangoBooks forum. In his simplistic mind (big egos tend to distort your judgment) I was about to experience the pain he inflicted to others. Problem is, I am old, opinionated, and I hate rulers of all kinds, whether they are politicians, tycoons, moguls or kings. Michael Horowitz plans hit a snag.

These guys are so full of themselves that they are mad when they see that I dare retaliating, returning blow for blow. I do not turn the other cheek and this pisses them off. Also, as they do not have either the balls, the common sense or the simple idea of thrashing out the situation with me directly, they have been trying to force one of my friends to convince me of giving up the fight. And they seem to be mad at him also, as he is not succeeding. I see now Bob Holo losing his temper more and more every day as his master is sending him to the front line. And as this guy has no more talent to act as a negotiator than to make faithful copies of Busato guitars, it does not get anywhere.

The truth is that both Michael Horowitz and Bob Holo are poor strategists with huge egos. Horowitz started it all a couple of months ago, and he should not be surprised if I am not giving up. When a bad diplomat like me (I acknowledge it gladly) has an argument with even worst diplomats, the matter has zero chance of being resolved one day. So be it!

When Horowitz will accept that everybody can breathe the same air as him, and when he will stop his megalomania, I will return to my peaceful activities full time and Bob Holo can continue dreaming about making a real Busato one day. If he uses the same approach with it as he does with trying to make me bow humbly in front of them, Busato will remain the only luthier of this caliper and Bob Holo will just be a would-be guitar maker.

Sunday June 9, 2013

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