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Horowitz cannot Recognize a Di Mauro Guitar and sticks to his mistake

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Michael Horowitz cannot recognize a Di Mauro Guitar

www.gypsyguitarfans.com is not a broker and we do not try to make money out of strings, picks, and other gypsy stuff including vintage or new guitars. We are an Internet newspaper and we are journalists. As such, our role is to inform. And we can better serve players and collectors by showing, with clear proof, that more often than not some well-established brokers don’t know what they are talking about.

There was recently a case where Michael Horowitz claimed a certain guitar was a Di Mauro. He was dead wrong as his professional colleague in Europe, The Fellowship Of Acoustics, sells this guitar as a Busato for 5,000 Euros. Why was Horowitz wrong? There are at least three reasons: First he does not know how to recognize a Di Mauro, second he does not know how to recognize a Busato, and third he tries to defame me at every corner. Let’s first explain why he cannot recognize a Di Mauro. Antoine Di Mauro always signed his instruments with a marque au fer behind the headstock, more rarely he had a label. The guitar in question had no marque au fer and no label, and had absolutely nothing to do with the Di Mauro style, shape or dimension of Di Mauro. It had once a Di Mauro tailpiece but there is another 100% similar Busato in Europe, with its Busato label, with a Di Mauro tailpiece. Poor Michael Horowitz puts a name on a guitar because of its tailpiece.

This Di Mauro things lasted for weeks, Horowitz emailed to many places in the US and in Europe to claim this guitars was a Di Mauro. The owner, on Horowitz expertise, sold his Busato for less than 3,000$ and it was a Busato now listed 5,000 Euros. I have all emails from Horowitz trying to defame me and desperately trying to prove he was right. In spite of this Busato guitar model being pictured in one of Michael Dregni book and in spite of three similar guitars, two of which with Busato labels, and which I did not sell.

I cannot say that Michael Horowitz is losing his edge, I think he never was a real expert. Time is showing, over and over, that he is a fake expert full of himself. We will keep our eyes opened and will spot the numerous mistakes this broker is making. Hopefully, with the Internet and the spreading of the right information people like Horowitz will have the reputation they deserve.

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