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Joseph Di Mauro the Elder

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To me, apart of course from Jacques favino, Joseph Di Mauro the Elder is the only luthier who could rival Busato. I owned and played many different models of Joseph the Elder and they all sounded super loud and great.He is well-known for his heart sound hole guitars but also made other models.

Joseph Di Mauro the Elder guitars have some very distinctive features, which he often used:

* He was the only luthier to use an arrow pattern around the sound hole.
* He often used a rope binding on the edge of the top and of the back.
* He used a wide spline in the neck.
* He stopped the back binding so it would not continue around the lip covering the neck heel.
* He often rounded with a chamfer the edges of the headstock slots.
* He sometimes built his guitars backs with a thin yellow line in the center. Francois Anastasio, the father of Pierre Anastasio, and Pierre Anastasio, often used the same design.

While his brother Antoine always signed his guitars with a marque au fer at the back of the neck, Joseph the Elder rarely did so. Three heart guitars were repaired by Martin Tremblay my luthier, and none were marked.

He was the brother of Antoine Di Mauro, and was born in Catania, Sicily, Italy. He was making guitars and mandolins. He arrived in Paris in 1925 and started his career working for a luthier, Gallesi, located rue Guénot in the 11 th Paris district (this shop existed since 1898). When Gallesi passed away around 1952, Joseph bought the business and produced guitars until his death in 1966.

Joseph Di Mauro the Elder is mostly known, as you know, for his heart guitars. However, all his guitars of different models I played, without exception, are exceptional instruments. I now play exclusively Busatos or Busato made guitars (Sonora, Symphonia, Paris Musical), but also I play a blond F Hole Joseph Di Mauro the Elder and would cry if I would lose it.Joseph Di Mauro the Elder also made guitars for Paris Musical.

I recently acquired this superb blond Joseph Di Mauro the Elder F Hole gypsy guitar. It was made by Joseph Di Mauro the Elder, also known for his heart sound hole guitars. This guitar has become one of my favorite three guitars. The projection and volume kills any of the hundreds of high end vintage guitars I owned. Once more, you can see that the top is made of pitch pine, an expensive wood which has a look some players do not like but, for the sound, it is like playing a guitar with a 1000 horse power engine. I doubt I will ever sell this guitar. It is going to my luthier Martin Tremblay for a setup and a refret. Martin is the foremost world expert on Busatos and other high end guitars. I will post more pics of this exceptional instrument when it leaves Martin's expert hands.

You see something on one of the pics that you MUST have, a good humidifier. It breaks my heart to see players who do not understand the humidity level requirements of guitars and get the cracks they deserve, although the guitars and their makers did not deserve that treatment.

To illustrate the specific design features of many Joseph Di Mauro the Elder guitars, here are a couple of pics showing the details.

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