Maurice Dupont - Vintage Gypsy Guitars - Busato- Favino-Di Mauro-Castelluccia

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Maurice Dupont

Modern Luthiers

It is difficult to talk about gypsy guitars without saying a word about Dupont guitars.You will see very few great players playing Dupont guitars, except maybe old ones that Maurice made himself. Contrarily to Busato, who knew how to pass to his luthiers his knowledge, it looks like Dupont was less effective in doing so.
He bought  the Busato name (no kidding!) but his copies of Busatos are average (no to offend Maurice). I played dozens of Dupont (all models including his 'Busato' copies and his Vieille Réserve and they lacked balance, have fuzzy basses and poor projection in the highs. Well, you guessed it, Dupont guitars are not my cup of tea. These guitars are grossly overrated and are not at all a good investment.

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