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Pre 1943 Busato-Dorado Schmitt

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Dorado Schmitt came to Montréal and played with his group. He invited Denis Chang on stage and he spent a whole day with Denis at my place, trying and playing the Busatos he liked, and I had the pleasure of playing a couple of tunes with him and Denis. He bought two Busatos, for himself and his accompanist Francko Mehrstein, and tried also this pre 1943 maple sides and back with cedar top made by Busato in Rue d'Orgemont. When he tried (for about an hour) this guitar, he liked it a lot, but the guitar was not ready for him to take back to France the next day. It had to have its original Busato tuners put back (the previous owner had classical tuners installed), and the guitar needed a good refret and have a pre 43 Busato tailpiece to be put on it. I am presenting this fabulous guitar here. It is loud with a great tone. It will be ready for sale mid March 2013, but ask me already new pics.

Actually I had a hard time playing this Busato before it was refretted as it still had its original bronze frets from 1943 when Dorado tried it, but Dorado can handle any challenge, with a smile.
Click on the next 2 pics to play the videos.

Here are some pics with two Busatos made Rue d'Orgemont before 1943. Both guitars sound phenomenal. Todd has the first one and you can read his comments in the welcome page. It 'kicks the shit out of the Bob Hole, which against the maple Busato sounds like a mid rangy pile of junk'.
The one for sale now has a stripe made of a sandwich of 3 woods, the light one between two thinner ebony.

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