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Pre 1943 Owned by Francko Mehrstein

Sold recently > Busato > Pre 1943 Busato. Rue d'Orgemont

Pre 1943 Busatos, made in Rue d'Orgemont, are ignored by North American brokers. For them Busato is the maker of the Cité Griset Grand Model. Period! And Busato buyers are deep pocket collectors or players. Not really. While many European experts and luthiers are well aware of pre 1943 Busatos, it might still take time before North American brokers wake up and smell the coffee. Hey guys, wake up. Mr Busato is not happy you ignore guitars he produced from 1925 till 1943.
This magnificent pre 43 Busato was bought by Francko Mehrstein, the accompanist to Dorado Schmitt.


The next two videos show Denis Chang playing Francko Mehrstein pre 1943 Busato I sold him.

Well after Denis Chang here I am, in the early morning after I had my two or three coffee cups. Just to illustrate the sound of this nice guitar. I play different things, from blues to picking and some gypsy phrases, just for you to fully grasp the tonal possibilities that Busato guitars are offering. I know, I am a bit rusty...


Here are a couple of pics of this great Busato.

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