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For Sale now and Available in 4 Weeks.

Sicilian Luthier made guitar from the mid fifties.

Just got from Europe a beautiful vintage guitar. Superb potential but I do not ship guitars if they do not play like a new guitar. It is up for sale now, but as it needs to be setup by Martin Tremblay it will be ready for shipping in probably 3 or 4 weeks, before the end of June. Martin is in high demand and also as he is a great player he will be touring for a week starting next Tuesday. He has 3 great guitars to take care of for a player and collector in Japan and also 3 guitars to renovate for me. He can always squeeze one or two guitars in between and this one and also one of my Symphonia with squeeze in his busy schedule.

Anybody reserving this guitar with some deposit gets it, knowing that:
   The potential buyer can talk to Martin once he gets the guitar for setup.Martin has not seen this guitar yet and I am not a luthier, I am an engineer like Bob Holo but, contrarily to Bob Holo who pretends to be a luthier (he is not), I highly value the opinion of a real luthier like Martin. An engineer made guitar will not sound like a luthier made guitar, in spite of all the schmoozing around it.
   The potential buyer has a two weeks return privilege.

Who made it? It has no label.

Not Castelluccia. The sound-hole shape (D), the fret board in superb figured rosewood (Castelluccia used tinted pear-wood), and the braces are not Castelluccia although for the average player the outside guitar looks a little bit like a Casté. And the neck profile has nothing to do with the dozen Casté I had.

This guitar is 100% original. Its carved bridge, its tailpiece and its Delaruelle tuners are in great shape. No crack, even with some very fainted surface line on the top, and I cannot see a ding on the body. The neck is smoothed like this guitar was never played. No fancy body binding, just pure sound. As if superb women need a heavy make up to be attractive...

This guitar was made by a Sicilian luthier. I do not like the name "mystery guitar". If you know little about vintage guitars made in France in these years and also want to cover your ass you use the expression "mystery guitar". Potential buyers need a little bit more than that to forge some opinion as buying a guitar is not a light decision.

To start with this guitar has 13 ½ frets, which plays exactly like a 14 frets. The fact that Selmer made 13 ½ frets guitars and only Busato made 13 ½ frets guitars does not make this guitar a Selmer or a Busato, obviously, let’s be serious and cautious. You recognize a Busato with its label, its 15k price tag, the fact it is for sale at DjangoBooks or Gypsyguitar and that either Horowitz or Mazzoleni made a 3,000$ commission on it. This guitar is not limited at all to la pompe, it is as much a solo playing guitar than any high-end guitar, vintage or not. If you own it and play it one day you will see for yourself pretty fast, and it will kick the ass of any Dupont costing twice as much. This thing kills an MD 50 anytime and in any playing contest.

This guitar has a 675mm scale. Busato and Joseph Di Mauro the Elder are well known to use this scale length. They used it often with Symphonia, Sonoras and Paris Musical and of course for their own guitars. The reinforcement of the sound hole and the pointy braces with a small flat top are 100% the signature of Busato trained luthier. Once again it is not a Busato and this guitar sells on its own sounding and playing merits. The back bombé is very pronounced and you can feel it as the bass notes are huge. The top is slightly bombed. The back of the guitar has a lid covering the neck heel, a typical feature of Joseph the Elder and Busato trained luthiers when making guitars for retailers with mahogany body.

The sound hole is D-shaped, but its opening has more the size of an oval sound-hole, half way from an oval sound hole to a typical D-Hole. You can feel it as the sound is like an oval hole and not at all a bit fuzzy in the bass notes like many D Holes. Great also to limit feedback as small sound holes help send the air out of the guitar body and fight against the air coming from outside. It’s why a small opening is always better to fight the Larsen effect. Ask Patrick Inghilleri the master of amplified sound, he lectured me on this more than once.

As I said, once Martin levels the fret board and probably re frets and makes a 12 inches radius, this guitar will play like a brand new high-end gypsy guitar. I am not claiming that Martin will need to re fret, as these frets are originals and 100% like new. The modest price I am asking is for the guitar as it will be when Martin is happy with it. If one day you deal with Martin you will understand that he will bar you the way out of his door if he is not a thousand percent happy with the playability and the sound. I know a couple of guys here who tried it and they could not leave his shop.

The sound of this guitar is really superb, warm and dry. The neck is for average sized and smaller hands, with 44mm width at the nut and a comfortable profile, not a chunky neck at all.

Inquire, and ask yourself if you want to pay 2,500$ for this beauty. I am asking a 500$ deposit by Paypal and the rest when shipping. Add 100$ for shipping in the US.

I can assure you that this guitar will go fast. With a no question asked return privilege, you should feel better. However, in order to avoid problems, if you do return the guitar, pack it well, lock the latches, write my right address and declare it’s a return. Do not act like one of my buyers who made a total mess when returning one of the two Busatos I sold him.

I am not a broker and I do not do this to make a profit, although here I will make one. I paid 1,300$ for the guitar. With shipping, custom brokerage and import tax, buyer's Paypal commission,shipping insurance from Europe, Martin's bill, a hard case, and after paying professional packing and my assistant to ship it, there will be 100$ dollars left for me to invite my girl friend and my son to a chinese restaurant, just to compensate me for having to drive to Martin twice, pay the parking place twice 8 dollars, and drive to the Montreal airport to drop this guitar at my assistant's office. I am not giving you all these details to complain but buyers must understand two things : 1- This price is not negociable as I am not in the business of paying for somebody else's pleasure and joy, and 2- I am not playing in the same category as Mazzoleni and Horowitz. I do it by passion, and I know this means a lot to most of you.

The great thing about sharing precious information is that some people know also great things, important for the community. After posting this message I received an email from a great player, a very serious collector of high-end guitars, vintage or not, and an expert with things related to gypsy guitars. Here is his email.

Hi JP,

FYI, both Jacques and Jean-Pierre Favino made many guitars with 13.5 fret necks. Jacques got it from his time in the Busato workshop. The smaller D shaped soundhole is somewhat reminiscent of early Favino D's. not to suggest this has anything to do with Favino, but the similarities are intriguing  !

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