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Superb Gypsy Music with Superb Gear from Patrick Inghilleri

Marseille. The old port, Marcel Pagnol, the bouillabaisse, a glass of pastis and the singing accent.

But also Marseille is the place in France where Patrick Inghilleri has his shop, and Patrick makes superb sound systems.

Here is a presentation of his wonder box with the butterfly pickup for acoustic amplification (3 pickups in 1, with feeddback attenuation).

The mp3 file is the recording with Patrick's gear. Michel Barbier from the band 'Djangology' (Django again) is playing. These guys are also from the South of France and the soloist Michel Barbier has 100 years of gypsy guitar playing. He played with Henri Salvador and I believe he can kick asses. The bass player played with Dorado, Bireli, Tchavolo. So these guys are among the best to show us what Patrick can build for gypsy music players.

So, without further ado, place to the music and to an exceptional equipment. In Montréal our friends Denis Chang and also Christine Tassan will try out Patrick's gear and I will post the whole thing on gypsyguitarfans.Denis also has played with Dorado and he played some awesome music in concert and also in private concerts with Dorado last year in Montréal. I wish Michel Bardier could play some stuff with Denis Chang.

When Michel Barbier recorded this piece, he said to Patrick: 'Moi, je joue à l'ancienne'. Meaning `Me, I play like they used to play'. Sure enough we hear Django and Tchan Tchou when Michel plays with his band. And I trust both Django and Tchan Tchou Vidal would have loved to play with Patrick's superb gear.


A Peak at Patrick Inghilleri Sound System

Imagine you get a video from Mr Busato, or from Yves Guen the creator of Stimer, or from a great inventor like Mario Maccaferri.Or imagine Django calls you to play with him at a gig (just joking).
This is a short video from Patrick, the gypsy guitar amplification guru. Patrick lives in Marseille and speaks with Marcel Pagnol's accent (Fanny and Marius, etc) and when he handles a superb project he puts everything needed to come up with some wonderful equipment.
He developped for me a wonder box with tons of goodies to record, play live, etc etc. Plugging a Stimer or any electric pickup, microchip accoustic pickup for the best acoustic rendering, piezzo bridge... With compressors, equalizers, phase inversion, etc.
I will get the gizmo in two or three weeks and will test it with our great Montréal players and experts, Denis Chang, Christine Tassan, Martin Tremblay and I will post videos, audios and pictures. Videos in english. With plenty of fine music for these great artists and sound samples so you can also fall in love with Patrick's unique butterfly 3 chips acoustic pickups with feedback attenuation and his wonder box.
OK, so just have a look at the last video Patrick did today before shipping the thing to me. I know, it's not what you are used to seing, like some commercial product. It's just the creation of a true sound expert, someone who has gained a worldwide reputation in the gypsy guitar world.
We will give Patrick Inghilleri's system a full try, will translate the docs in english with full instructions.
I believe this system will be well received by most gypsy guitar lovers, players and sound engineers.
Get ready for Pagnol's Marseille accent and some great technical stuff, intended to make the music we love sound better, record better, on stage and in the studio.

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