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Tremblay Busato for sale


Terrific Tremblay Busato

If you dream of playing a Busato, try to get one Grand Model from the period and in good shape, pay the price, around 16,000$, and have it restored for an additional 2,000$. You will have the neck size and shape, which M.Busato made in the 1940’s.
You could try to find a modern copy of a Busato Grand Model. Well, I am fortunate enough that I owned and played more than a dozen of these, which makes me a Busato fan, aficionado and expert. And so far I could not lay hands on a real modern version of this mythical guitar. All which I try do not have the power, the projection the balance and the woody sound I want. EXCEPT…
By far, the best version of a Busato Grand model, specifications, woods, vibe and sound is produced for a fraction of the cost of an original by the Montréal luthier Martin Tremblay.
Terrific woods, exact same guitar and fabulous sound; that is what you get and you can even specify your neck size. Playability is second to none.
If you are thinking of acquiring a top of the range gypsy guitar, try a Tremblay Busato. Here are pictures and send a mail to Martin at

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