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Horowitz sells a Selmer knowing it's not genuine

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When Michael Horowitz sells a Selmer, knowing it’s far from being one…

With age, commercial and financial success, Michael Horowitz likes to position himself as a world authority on anything related to gypsy music. But also he makes a point of splitting hairs for provenance. It’s an honorable thing, right?

The problem is that he does not apply for himself things he expects from others. I was browsing my mailbox this afternoon, remembering something fishy he sent me when he sold my Selmer.

He analyzed the guitar when he received it, and every part of it, and him and his expert friend Bob Holo concluded that the guitar was built by a Busato worker, not at Selmer by Selmer luthiers. He even clearly states at the end of his email to me (see below) that this guitar was built later, not by Selmer at the Selmer shop, but by a Sicilian luthier in another shop using some Selmer parts.

Well, not very ethical M. Horowitz. I don’t know what you call a person acting like this but in my own country they get big problems.

I wonder if the guy who bought this guitar with a price tag of 25,000$ was duly and fully informed by M. Horowitz of the exact details of the provenance. But the world expert broker and lesson giver knew he was screwing a sucker buyer unless I can’t read English.

So much for your sense of ethics Michael. And now get a lower profile, please.

If you ever bought a guitar from Michael, I wonder if he kept some other little secrets like this and if indeed your Favino, Selmer, Busato, Castelluccia or else is genuine or not.

The good thing with the Internet and free press (this what gypsyguitarfans is) is that fishy practices like this get known.

Could someone explain to Michael Horowitz that sellers in good faith and buyers paying big bucks rely on his expert opinion and his supposed honesty to make a deal. Horowitz gets 20% on the sale. It cost me 5,000$ to sell my Selmer and get an independant and expert opinion. I feel I was cheated and I wonder if the buyer knew what he was paying for...

"" <info@djangobooks.com>
Date: October 2, 2012 12:52:19 PM EDT
Subject: Re: Selmer

Hi JP,

The buyer wired me the funds so the guitar will ship today to California. The sale should close by the end of the week.

BTW, I had Bob Holo look at it. While the guitar was clearly built from Selmer parts, the internal bracing, top, and glue is completely consistent with Busato's work.

The braces are huge and trimmed in the Busato fashion, completely unlike anything Selmer did
Small Busato style tone bars
Multi-piece top (at least 6 pieces...Selmer sometimes did this but not that often)
There's no heat bent pliage
Casein glue was used (same as Busato)
Busato style beech soundhole support

So it seems that either someone who was trained by Busato was working at Selmer when this was built or maybe it was built later in another shop by Sicilian luthiers using Selmer parts.



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