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Why This Useful Info Tab

Useful Info

You may own and play a 45,000$ Selmer, a 17,000$ Busato, any high-end vintage or modern luthier guitar, or a cheap instrument, if these guitars are not optimized you will not get the best sound or the most comfortable playability you can expect.

To start with, you might not have a good luthier in your area, or if there is one he does not know well how to take care of a steel-strings gypsy guitar. Also you yourself might not have a clear and full idea of what is important to have your instrument optimized.

I learnt the hard way. Over the years, thanks to great luthiers and demanding players who knew what to look for, I gathered some info, and I want to share it with you over the next couple of weeks. You might decide to use some of it, and you will see that there is nothing relevant to theory, but everything was tested and confirmed. Some of these tricks (or secrets) date back to Mario Maccaferri himself, Bartolo Busato or Jacques Favino, to name a few. Some other tricks come from great luthiers like Martin Tremblay, sound specialists like Patrick Inghilleri, or demanding players like Denis Chang.

Enjoy, and welcome to the club of players who are not just happy with a non- optimized guitar. I assure you that you will have a better sound, less rattling, more playing comfort and pleasure from making music.

I am sure that some gypsy guitar fans also know ways of improving guitars and they are most welcome to share it with the growing community of players who check this website regularly.

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